Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Tout le Monde

Today was unforgettable . birthday...people calling me..I am remembered. I'm loved. I try not to think about what's missing.

It's so sad that I won't hear my mother's sweet could feel her smile. .Happy Birthday honey..plain and simple ..A southern lilt..A knowing closeness ..a perfect loyalty shared only between two hearts who have shared one lifeforce..And oh how I miss her..I miss you mama..I miss you every day and I think of that call.i think of your voice and I cling to that memory.

Maybe daddy can hear me..daddy watched over me ..sometimes silently..always restrained in judgement ..
yet so attentive.. so generous..the years softened his heart ..he was so wise and shrewd in judging between what mattered and what didn't.  Daddy, you made us feel like every little thing we did took hold of the biggest part of your heart ..that you would bear our troubles..hold our hands. .we were your world ..I cry for you, daddy.

Today is my birthday. I am remembered. I'm loved..I try not to think about what's missing, and I's not just me..everyone has an aching void..A broken heart.

And so my birthday wish goes out to everyone. ..that we may, through God's mercy and the promise by JesusChrist his Son, be granted the strength to bear that sad and consuming sorrow. All things are possible through Him

I love you all...Marcia

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